Instructions And Notes

  • The school provides basic instructions to the children based on their age group and classification
  • Periodically study assignments are given to the children. We expect the parents / guardians to actively repeat what is done in school for best results
  • The time of attending the school would be restricted and gradually increased based on the child’s adjustment to the school environment
  • The school has an identity card system with the child’s photograph on it. On admission please provide 5 passport size photographs of your ward
  • Transport facility is available on parent’s responsibility only
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Rules And Regulations

  • Fees are to be paid quarterly not monthly
  • Late charge is 50 Rs. Per week
  • No charges will be refunded if you withdraw your child after admission
  • Our responsibility of the child commences once your child is inside the school premises and ceases the moment he/she left the school office. Though sufficient care is taken, the school is not responsible for any accident or injury that may occur in or around school premises
  • On your withdrawing your child from the school one month’s written notice to be given while the student is coming to school
  • Parents must unsure that your child is wearing the school identity card every day. This is of absolute importance for safety reasons
  • Admission is open to all communities
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General Guidelines For The Parents

  • Please ensure that your ward is regular and punctual. Students should reach the school at time:
    1. Pre-Nursery - 8:30 am to 11:30 am
    2. Nursery - 8:30 am to 12:30 pm
    3. K.G. - 8:30 am to 12:30 pm
    4. I to V - 8:00 am to 1:00 pm
  • Please don’t come before school leaving time. On all days Monday to Friday. The school will remain closed on Saturdays.
  • Uniform should be neat and clean and shoes must be polished. Please buy uniform in set of at least of 2.
  • Hair and nails of students should be properly trimmed and clean
  • Give your child a proper Tiffin preferably home cooked nutrition and healthy food along with a clean napkin. A Hanky should be given to the child every day
  • All books and note books should be covered with plastic sheet and properly labeled
  • Please check the school bag before sending the child to school every day, to ensure that necessary articles including the school diary are in the bag. Identity card should be worn everyday
  • Giving personal attention to the child in his/her studies is invaluable. please do not leave the child at the mercy of tutors. Spending some quality time everyday with children in this stage is very essential
  • Homework should be done by the students themselves and not by parents/tutors
  • From the very beginning ensure that your child has regular timings for studies, playing, watching TV, sleeping etc. Encourage them to see some TV programs like cartoon in English. Buy simple story books for them and encourage them to speak a few simple sentences in English at home
  • Attend all PTMs to know the progress of your child
  • Students are not allowed to bring money or expensive items to the school
  • Pay all school dues on time, failing which penalty will be charged as per school rules
  • If the child has an infectious disease, please do not send the child to the school
    1. Chicken pox - 18 – 25 days
    2. Measles - 7 days from rash
    3. Mumps - Minimum 9 days
  • Leave application should be sent whenever the child is absent. If he/she is ill, the application should be accompanied with a medical certificate
  • School fees should be submitted on 10th day of the month. Otherwise late charges will be charged
  • Annual charges will not be refunded in any case
  • Whenever student will be upgraded , annual charges will be charged
  • Periodical study assignments are given to the children. We expect the parents / guardians to actively repeat what is done in the school for the best results
  • Transport facility is available on parent’s responsibility only
  • Admission is open to all communities
  • We don’t encourage to celebrate birthdays
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